Whey protein in calf milk replacers

Why is the whey protein used in Volac Calf Milk Replacer different?

Whey proteins contain high levels of the immunoglobulins found naturally in milk and colostrum. Immunoglobulins are important to the health and growth of the young animal. The ultrafiltration process used by Volac concentrates these valuable ‘globular’ proteins, and the low temperature process ensures that they are not denatured – thus Volac whey protein retains a high level of these naturally occurring immunoglobulins.

Level of naturally occurring immunoglobulin’s found in different types of milk replacers:


Which sources of milk protein can be used in calf milk replacers?

Dairy ingredients are the main source of protein in milk replacers and these include both skim and whey proteins. The proteins which make up whole milk comprise both casein (skim) and whey.

Liquid whey is the valuable by-product of the cheese making process. The type of whey produced depends on the method of processing that is used – the main types include:

  • Whey Powder
  • Delactosed Whey
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) / Whey Protein

The differences in these types of whey are in the amount of protein and lactose that they contain. For example, whey powder contains 12-14% protein, and whey protein concentrate contains 35-80% protein. Thus whey powder in a milk replacer will not contribute the same level of protein as whey protein concentrate or whey protein.

Volac calf milk replacer is made using whey protein sourced from British cheese manufacturers.

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